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Menstruation and the HCG Diet

Posted by HCG Diet Store on

In Dr. Simeons' manuscript, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, he brings up the subject of menstruation. According to Dr. Simeons, you should stop taking HCG during your period and resume it as soon as it's over. He assures readers that their hunger will continue to be suppressed during menstruation despite the lack of HCG.

Why You Should Stop Taking HCG During Your Period, Per Dr. Simeons

The reason Dr. Simeons recommends stopping HCG during menstruation is due to hormonal considerations. The start and end of your period are controlled by hormones known as the Luteinizing Hormone, or LH, and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone, or FSH. These are produced in the pituitary gland for the purpose of maturing the ovaries and controlling your menstrual cycle. While the Luteinizing Hormone is in your body, HCG won't have a positive effect on weight loss. But this doesn't mean you can break the 500-calorie diet. You'll need to continue to observe the diet phase of the protocol even during your period.

Should You Stop Taking HCG During Menstruation?

Many people on the protocol continue to take HCG throughout menstruation without incident. Others stop taking HCG just on heavy days, which for most people is only the first two or three days of their period. Keep in mind that if you do end up feeling hungry, you can simply resume the HCG doses, and your hunger should dissipate very quickly—in a day or so. Either way, continue with the HCG as soon as your period is over, or you'll develop extreme hunger.

How the HCG Protocol May Affect Menstruation

Even if your cycle is usually extremely regular, you may find that your regularity flies out the window during the HCG Protocol. HCG may cause your period to come earlier or later, and it can affect your flow, so if your periods are typically light, you may find that they're heavier, or vice versa. HCG can also cause your period to be shorter or longer than usual, and you may experience spotting, or a small amount of bleeding in the middle of your cycle, in some isolated cases.

How Menstruation May Affect Weight Loss

Menstruation is one of the four common interruptions of weight loss that Dr. Simeons addresses in his manuscript. For a couple of days before and during your period, you may see the rate of weight loss slow down. You may also see more sluggish weight loss during ovulation. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. Any weight gain during your period is likely mostly water, and you'll drop the water weight and resume weight loss as your period ends and you continue on…just be patient.

HCG and Pregnancy Tests

If you happen to become pregnant while you're on the protocol, stop taking HCG. If you suspect you're pregnant while you're on the HCG Protocol, stop taking HCG, and five days after your last dose, take a pregnancy test. Taking a pregnancy test before the HCG is completely out of your system can lead to a false positive result.

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