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How To Reverse The Effects of Aging

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Happy Lady

Advances in medicine and improvements in diet mean life expectancy has increased dramatically in recent decades. Many babies born today will have a very good chance of living to see their hundredth birthday. Unfortunately the effects of aging still have a negative impact on many people's lives, but this isn't something you have to accept.

You may think of surgery as the only option for keeping youthful looks, but there are many cheaper and safer alternatives. As well as looking younger, taking steps to reverse the aging process can increase your energy levels and help you to fight illness.

Studies from around the world suggest that the following are proven ways to reverse the effects of aging.

1) Exercise regularly.

It's now widely accepted that regular exercise can help to halt the effects of aging. As well as maintaining fitness levels, exercise helps to build bone and muscle mass and prevent the risk of injury. Chemicals produced in the brain during physical exercise can help to fight disease and improve your sense of well being. It's no coincidence that countries with above average life expectancies have fit and active populations.

2) Eat a healthy diet.

A diet rich in nutrients and vitamins can help to improve your immune system and protect vital organs from the effects of aging. As well as fresh fruit and vegetables, most experts agree that eating fish can help to slow the effects of the aging process. It's advisable to eat foods rich in antioxidants and fatty acids as you grow older. Eating a diet rich in fiber helps to maintain bowel health, and this is increasingly important as you mature.

3) Drink lots of water.

Fizzy drinks, coffee and alcohol can accelerate the effects of aging. Drinking four or five glasses of water a day helps to flush toxins from your body and keep your skin healthy. Staying hydrated is essential if you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4) Get plenty of sleep.

Many people believe they need less sleep as they get older, but recent studies suggest the opposite is true. Proper sleep, rest and relaxation give your mind and body time to recover from the stress of daily life. Your body naturally repairs itself as you sleep, and this process becomes more important as you grow older. Try to have at least seven hours of sleep a night. Meditation during the day is an excellent way of giving your mind and body additional rest.

5) Take supplements.

There are no miracle pills to bring back youthful looks, but introducing supplements into your diet is another great way to reverse the effects of aging. Take advice from your doctor before doing this, and consider what other medicines you may be taking. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, zinc and omega-3 supplements are generally accepted as having health benefits for seniors in particular.

6) Have an active social life.

Keeping in touch with friends and family ensures you feel a part of society and keep the vitality of youth. Your body will inevitably slow down as you age, but having an active social life means you'll feel like a twenty-year-old at times.

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