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About Our Products

About Our Products

Personal Care Products

Did you ever wonder why certain medicated creams and ointments that get applied topically have a ‘Do Not Use if pregnant warning…’ on the label?  Why would this matter?

The body is able to absorb nutritional value (calories) from the fats and oils that are used in lotions, moisturizers, cosmetics and other hygiene products applied to the skin. To avoid this pitfall, check out the personal care items available on our website, which were designed specifically to be used safely while dieting.

Food, Drinks and Condiments


You don’t have to wrestle a big chunk of beef, trim fat, carve and weigh out portions or be tempted to include an extra ‘little’ bite. We’ve done all of this for you. Our pre-portioned beef and bison products are not precooked, so throw one on the grill and cook it the way you like it.

Chicken, Shrimp, Cod

Our chicken, shrimp and cod are pre-portioned, lightly seasoned and precooked.  Remove from the package; heat it or throw it on a bed of lettuce or spinach. Healthy meals are just minutes away from being ready to eat!


Since the vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, give our tomato sauces a try. Pour the Italiano Sauce over chicken or add a browned crumbled bison burger to the Chili Sauce for a quick diet meal. The recommended serving size is one cup but if you’d rather eat it as a soup, add water to taste. The sauces available in stores normally have added sugar but our tomato sauces are formulated using stevia and other natural, pure spices, without preservatives or other chemicals that could interfere with the diet process to provide a delicious protocol-compliant vegetable option.

Spices, Dressings, BBQ Sauce & Hot Sauce

Our hot sauce, Carolina bbq sauce, spices and dressings, which can also be used as a meat or vegetable marinade, can be used on any phase of restrictive diets such as Shape, Nutrimost, Simeons' HCG and almost any other diet due to zero to low sugar, carbs, calories, etc. Since even very restrictive plans like Dr. Simeons allowed pure spices on the protocol, our products were designed to include even these plans. Other spice/seasoning makers very frequently include food starch, some type of oil and/or sugar under a myriad of terms, in their recipes. Even purchasing sugar free/ fat free diet products available on the market can sabotage your results since these items are made with unallowable sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose. It seems crazy, but miniscule amounts of these items can slow or stall weight loss while on the very restrictive protocols. Trust our diet-safe products to avoid boredom and enhance flavor during your dining experience while on the low calorie phase of the protocol and beyond!


Babies need to suck their thumb or a pacifier and we “big people” need to use our teeth to chew and to crunch! Hence, to take care of our psyche, some plans allow dieters to have one breadstick per meal. The breadsticks we offer are imported from Italy.

Maintenance Food

We’ve got a wonderful recipe book and lots of high protein bars, shakes and snacks to help you transition from the maintenance phase back into “normal life” and implement a healthy eating plan.

Please contact us at 888-389-3499 if you have any questions about our products.