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​20 Tips to Break the Plateau or Bump Up Weight Loss: Part Two

Posted by Health Conscious Guru on

Reaching a plateau during the HCG protocol is no fun, but it's bound to happen, according to Dr. Simeons. The most important thing is to first make sure you're following the protocol to the letter, and the second most important thing is to not give up. Plateaus don't last long, and in due time, your weight loss should start back up again. Meanwhile, here are some things to try to get off the plateau or just bump up your rate of weight loss in general.

11. If you're on your period, stick to the diet. It can be very hard to ward off cravings for sugar that many women experience during menstruation, which can also slow down or stall weight loss. But staying on the 500-calorie diet through your period is crucial for continuing to lose weight. The period-related plateau won't last long, and soon you'll be on your way again if you keep following the protocol.

12. Stay mindful of medications. Some medications can interfere with the rate of weight loss. If your weight loss seems sluggish, consider the medications you're taking. If you suspect a particular medication you are taking is causing the stall, check with your physician to see if you can safely stop taking it while you are on the diet. Record the results and if the medication didn't seem to be the culprit, you can safely go back on it.

13. Try an Apple Day. Dr. Simeons recommends that if a plateau doesn't resolve itself after five days, try an Apple Day. During an Apple Day, all you eat is apples. Starting just before lunch one day and ending at the same time the following day, you'll eat nothing but six apples. When and how you choose to eat them is up to you.

14. Try a “Mini Steak Day.” After the diet phase moves on to the maintenance phase, you will institute a Steak Day whenever you weigh in at more than two pounds over your weight on your last HCG drops day. During a “Steak Day,” you can drink as much water, coffee, and tea as you like, but you must skip lunch. For dinner, you have a big old steak with either an apple or a tomato. A “Mini Steak Day” may be just the thing to get you down from the plateau. Drink your allowable drinks, but skip lunch. Have a 3-ounce steak for dinner, along with an apple.

15. Check protein sources for sugar. Make sure your chicken and other protein sources don't have added sugar. If no ingredients are listed on the packaging, you're probably okay.

16. Exercise to kick start weight loss again. About 15 minutes of gentle exercise, such as a brisk walk outside or walking on a treadmill, a few days a week can rev up your metabolism and lead to a renewed rate of weight loss.

17. Sleep. A lack of quality sleep can lead to a plateau. Make sure you're getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age group. If you're not, try going to bed a little earlier or getting up a little later.

18. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your day. Apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water can speed up your metabolism and make you feel better in general during the day. But don't spread out your doses of vinegar, which can affect the enamel on your teeth. Click here to order Simple Girl Apple Cider Vinegar.

19. Remember that you don't have to eat all your food. If you're not hungry, skip the fruit, vegetable, or breadstick, or have half the amount of meat allotted. This can hasten the weight loss.

20. Stop tanning. Tanning beds may affect the HCG Protocol, and so may the lotions you use while tanning. If your weight loss has slowed to a crawl, stop tanning and see if that helps.

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