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​20 Tips to Break the Plateau or Bump Up Weight Loss: Part One

Posted by Health Conscious Guru on

In his manuscript, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, Dr. Simeons discusses the dreaded plateaus, wherein weight loss seems to slow or stall. These are inevitable, and they shouldn't cause you to give up hope. There's not much you can do about these, and as long as you're following the Protocol to the letter, they will pass. That said, there are some ways to optimize your weight loss or kick it into high gear again.

1. Drink more water. Water is essential for good health, and it's essential for weight loss. You should drink no less than two quarts of water per day, and if you can bump that up to three quarts, you'll be even better off.

2. Add a cup or two of green tea to your daily intake. Green tea has properties that can rev up your metabolism, and it's also a healthy way to protect yourself against disease. If you like your tea sweet, add a little stevia for extra flavor. Make sure you use pure stevia that does not have any additives. Click here to see all the flavors we carry of diet-approved stevia.

3. Be cautious with apples. Apples have lots of natural sugar, which is fine during the HCG Protocol in the amounts allowed. Just to keep things moving along, avoid having apples for both of your fruits, and eat smaller apples rather than larger ones.

4. Cut down on beef and bison. American beef and bison have a considerable amount of fat. To optimize your weight loss, consume no more than two servings of beef or bison each week. If possible, cut these out of your diet entirely.

5. Determine your sensitivity to certain foods. Tomatoes, oranges, and shrimp can stall weight loss in some people. If you love all three and plan to eat plenty of each, eat just one for a few days, and see how your rate of weight loss speeds up or slows down. Test each food, and then drop any that seem to slow down your weight loss.

6. Check all your condiments and spices for sugar. Added sugar can be hidden anywhere, even in your yellow mustard or spice jar. Read the ingredients carefully, and if it has sugar, don't use it.

7. Stop mixing vegetables. Some people see no change when they mix vegetables, but others hit a plateau as a result. If your weight loss seems sluggish and you've been mixing your vegetables, stop. Your rate of loss might pick up again.

8. Address constipation. Constipation can affect many of your systems and lead to at least a perceived slowing of the rate of weight loss. If you suffer from constipation while on the diet phase of the protocol, try drinking Smooth Move tea or increase your water intake.

9. Forego the bread. If your weight loss seems to have slowed down, pass on one or both breadsticks for a few days and see if that helps.

10. Check to see if you've reached your ideal weight. Check the chart for your ideal weight range. If you're within that range and you're becoming more and more hungry and tired, it may be time to stop losing weight. You must stay on the HCG Protocol for at least 23 days, but if you've reached a satisfactory weight, you can bump up your daily caloric intake to 800 or 1,000 calories. Read Dr. Simeons' manuscript for more information about reaching your ideal weight before the end of the Protocol.

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