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How Do I Fix My Posture?

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If you’re like most people, you’ve had a mom or grandma saying “stand up straight” for much of your life. While we sometimes resent the constant nagging, good posture can have some great benefits: good spinal health, looking thinner (since you are standing up straighter), and better functioning of all the nerves in your body.So, yea…standing up straight is pretty important!

So, how can you fix your posture?Here are some quick tips.

1. Learn What Good Posture Feels Like

Some of us may not even know what good posture is, but all you have to do is find a mirror and line up your ears, shoulders, and hips. Feel how that feels and lock that in as your goal for good posture.

2. Train Your Muscles to Keep Good Posture

Once you know what good posture should feel like, remind yourself throughout the day to practice it. Also, do exercises to increase the strength of the muscles that hold your posture.

3. Stretch During Breaks

If you are sitting all day, take stretch breaks when you can or even when a site is loading. Try these:

4. There Are Now Some Gadgets to Help With Posture:

Work your back and shoulder muscles so that they are strong enough to keep you in your good posture stance.

In our high-tech world, there are some gadgets that can help you to monitor your posture by giving you a little vibration whenever you move out of your ideal posture and into a slouch. Some are the iposture gadget, another is a LUMOback.You can check them out for yourself to see if any look like the right thing for you. I definitely want to try one!  Or you can go with the traditional posture braces that you wear to keep you in the right position. 

Have you tried anything to correct your posture?

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