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​The Top 3 Common Concerns During the 500-Calorie Diet Phase

Posted by Health Conscious Guru on

Physical and emotional comfort are important during the 500-calorie diet phase, when you need to be present and mindful of what you're eating, drinking, and using on your body. Any threat to your wellbeing can lead to mistakes that slow weight loss.

Adhering to the protocol is essential for success, and knowing ahead of time what negative events you may encounter during the protocol and being aware of what you can do to counter them is essential for preventing stress and discomfort. These are the three most common concerns people encounter during the HCG protocol.

1. Constipation. The discomfort that comes along with constipation can make it difficult to adhere to the required diet. Staying hydrated can help prevent constipation, and a cup or two of green tea or coffee may also do the trick. Smooth Move tea is another gentle and effective way to combat constipation. Light exercise can get things moving as well, and it can also increase the weight loss. But don't overdo exercise on the protocol. Try a gentle, ten-minute walk three times a day to optimize the HCG protocol and help prevent constipation.

2. Hair loss. HCG and weight loss can both cause you to lose more hair than usual. Combined, they may cause more hair loss than you feel comfortable with losing. If you're terrified of the idea of losing your hair during the HCG protocol, you're not alone. But you can rest assured knowing that you definitely won't lose all of your hair, and what you do lose will grow back, just as it grows back after a short-term post-pregnancy hair loss.

To help combat hair loss, apply burdock root tea to your scalp each morning. Steep the tea overnight, and pour a little over your scalp or spray it in your hair after your morning shower like a leave-in conditioner. You can also try thymuskin shampoo to stem the tide of hair loss.

3. Leg cramps. Nothing's worse than a leg cramp that wakes you up in the middle of the night or leaves you unable to walk for a few minutes during the day. Leg cramps may occur with some frequency during the HCG protocol. Asparagus may be a culprit, because it's a natural diuretic, which may lead to low potassium. Spinach and chard are both high in potassium, so if you get leg cramps, try adding one of those options to your next meal.

An iron deficiency may also contribute to leg cramps. If you choose to try supplements to increase potassium or iron, you may want to check with your doctor first, since too much of either substance can cause health problems. If you take a daily vitamin, you should be getting enough iron and potassium.

Keep in mind that homeopathic cell salts are associated with fewer leg cramps. Our brands of homeopathic HCG have cell salts in the HCG. Look for Pounds and Inches Away Advanced HCG Formula and DIY HCG brand.

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