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​Road Blocks

Posted by HDS on

The HCG Protocol is highly effective, but it can be a bit tricky. Success absolutely depends on understanding the proper way to follow the protocol and then following the protocol to the letter. Adequate preparation is crucial for starting off on the right foot and staying on track.

Several road blocks can quickly derail the effectiveness of the HCG Protocol, and as part of your preparation, it's a good idea to address these road blocks prior to your start date.


You wouldn't think that a few spices could really do that much damage to the effectiveness of the protocol, but if you aren't very careful, spicing up your food can greatly affect the success of the protocol and prevent optimum weight loss. That's because in many cases, seasonings contain more than herbs, spices, and salt. Many also contain sugar and modified corn starch, and these can have a devastating effect on your weight loss during the protocol. Before you begin, carefully review the ingredient list of all your spices and seasonings, and put away those that contain any form of sugar, oil, or modified corn starch. Keep in mind that some artificial sweeteners, including some brands of stevia, may contain added sugar or fillers as well. Click here for Simple Girl diet-safe seasonings.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, may prevent optimum weight loss or stop weight loss completely. If you're on HRT, talk to your doctor about a temporary break from the therapy. The HCG Protocol will often keep at bay the symptoms for which the HRT is being used, so you may not experience any adverse effects when stopping HRT. However, make sure you know what symptoms to look for so that you can resume hormone replacement therapy only if absolutely necessary.


In most cases, participants continue taking prescription medications during the HCG Protocol — a person should check with their doctor regarding any questions on medication. However, there are known exceptions such as some steroids and other medications that have weight gain as a side effect. These can prevent optimum weight loss, but it's imperative that you visit with your physician before stopping these medications. It's also important to note that oily medications, such as ointments and drops, may also affect the protocol, and you should try to avoid these when on HCG if possible. Instead, talk to your doctor about non-oily alternatives to ointments and drops.


Slathering lotion on your body may also drastically affect the protocol. Avoid altogether oily, scented lotions loaded with fragrance and chemicals. If you must apply something for dry skin, try a little mineral oil, baby oil, or Tiffalina’s lotion. The Tiffalina’s personal care products were designed specifically for the HCG Diet Protocol, Nutrimost, Shape Reclaimed and other oil-free diets.


American beef is far fattier than beef from other countries and this can have an effect on successful weight loss. It's a good idea to trim the fat from any beef you consume, and you should avoid eating more than two or three servings of ground beef per week. When choosing beef cuts during the protocol, opt for those cuts that are less fatty like sirloin and filet.

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