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​Be Intentional

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“Intentional living” will be your modus operandi during the HCG Protocol, since so much rides not only on what you put in your body, but also what you put on it. Bending the rules even a little bit can affect the success of the protocol, and so staying on top of your diet and following the protocol to the letter is essential for optimum weight loss and for triggering the physiological changes that must occur in order to reach — and remain at your normal weight.

Intentional Eating

Dr. Simeons' HCG Protocol was over 20 years in the making, and the result is a highly effective way to move from obesity to a normal weight once and for all. Although it's not exactly a diet, the HCG Protocol requires short-term dietary changes to precipitate the necessary physiological changes.

To that end, eating the right foods in the right quantities is absolutely essential for success. Even seemingly tiny variations before the 23 to 40 HCG days are up can derail the protocol and lead to weight gain. For example, just a tiny spritz of cooking spray is considered a serving, and certain spices and seasonings contain added sugar and starch that can lead to a stall or weight gain in the blink of an eye.

Before you begin the very low-calorie diet, know exactly what you can and cannot eat, and make sure you understand essential rules like drinking two liters of fluid every day, not mixing vegetables, and not opting for typical diet foods like turkey, broccoli and green beans. These are not allowed on the low-calorie diet phase. Only choose foods from the list of HCG Diet Protocol allowable foods to achieve maximum results during this relatively short timeframe.

Every single time you go to prepare a meal or put food in your mouth, be intentional. Popping a breath mint or a piece of gum in your mouth can stall you for the day. Question everything you put in and, on your food, to make sure it is allowed under the protocol. If it helps, write the rules on an index card and post it in your kitchen so that you can refer to it often.

Intentional Grooming

The oils in body care products are absorbed into your body through your skin, which can actually decrease your weight loss or cause weight gain. So, for the duration of the protocol, you'll want to be very intentional about what you put on your body. Tiffalina’s personal care products were designed for oil-free diets like the HCG Diet, Nutrimost, and Shape Reclaimed. They are available as individual items or as a kit.

Cosmetics should be oil-free as the following can decrease the rate of loss or even cause weight gain: oil-based foundations, most sunscreens, moisturizers, moisturizing lipsticks, and most body care products.

Intentional Medicating

Eye drops, antibiotic cream, lip balm, and other commonly-used products can interfere with your weight loss success, and so it's imperative to be intentional about using any of these. Cough syrups contain added sugars, and vitamins may contain fillers and sugar also — these types of things may prevent weight loss while on the HCG Protocol.


Mindfulness is everything during the HCG Protocol. Each morning when you wake up, review your next steps, visualize yourself getting ready for work and preparing meals so that you feel fully prepared to intentionally move through your day with the rules of the protocol in the forefront of your mind.

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