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HCG Phase 3 Food List / HCG Maintenance Food List

Do you need a Phase 3 HCG Food List? One has finally been created by the best-selling HCG author Linda Prinster. Read more about the HCG food list NOW!Creating an HCG Phase 3 food list or an HCG Maintenance Foods list is kind of tricky.  This is mostly due to the fact that one is no longer working with just 20 foods (like in the VLCD phase of the HCG diet).  Instead, you are open to the whole world of foods.

You can see some short lists of HCG Maintenance foods here.

Or, you can get a full list of about 1,000 foods, drinks, condiments, etc telling you whether they are allowed on the 1st 3 weeks of HCG Maintenance and/or the 2nd 3 weeks of HCG Maintenance in the The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide (Linda Prinster) or the Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol (Linda Prinster & Tiffany Prinster).

 Books for the HCG Diet   Get the pocket guide..... Have the HCG diet at your convenience.

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